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CyberArk presents the Privileged Session Manager for Cloud. This makes it easier for system administrators to isolate, monitor and manage sessions of accounts with more user rights. This protects accounts with more access rights against abuse.

Access rights in the cloud are often distributed differently. Some users have more access rights than others. Because not all accounts with more rights are managed by the IT team, they are vulnerable to abuse. If this happens, it is risky for an entire company, because data can be exposed, or financial damage can be caused. The Privileged Session Manager for Cloud aims to give companies’ security teams more control and insight to quickly detect suspicious activity from accounts with additional privileges.

Improved security

Companies are increasingly switching to hybrid cloud systems. The fact that multiple systems are often used for each other makes it difficult to set up overall security. CyberArk’s system is changing this by supporting key cloud platforms, SaaS applications and social media. These include systems from AWS, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Red Hat OpenShift, SalesForce.com and Twitter.

Privileged Session Manager for Cloud makes it easier to set up a secure session by isolating the sessions of users with additional access rights and cloud admins. For example, the account information is not visible and can only be used to set up safe sessions. These sessions are also easy to monitor, making it easier for security teams to ensure compliance and prevent possible leaks.

Technology from Vaultive

The Privileged Session Manager for Cloud is based on Vaultive technology, which was previously acquired by CyberArk. This gives system administrators web-based cloud and DevOps tool consoles to manage dynamic environments, while giving security teams more control and visibility.

This introduction shows how quickly CyberArk has embraced Vaultive’s technology and has been able to convert it into added value for its customers. We are supporting their digital transformation and migration to the cloud with this, says Ben Matzkel, Vaultive founder and CTO, and currently R&D group manager at CyberArk. The success of these steps depends on the balance between easy access to cloud platforms and web applications, policy-based access control, security workflows, and a consistent strategy across both on-premise and cloud environments.

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