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Palo Alto Networks now also delivers security services via Google Cloud Platform.

Palo Alto Networks now also delivers security services via Google Cloud Platform.

Security specialist Palo Alto Networks (PAN) will from now on also deliver its security applications, such as the well-known Application Framework, via the multi-client environment of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This was recently announced by both parties. In addition to the further distribution of its existing solutions, a number of new solutions specially developed for this cloud environment will also be introduced.

According to the security specialist, the collaboration with GCP should include ensuring that users can continue to use the best enterprise security solutions. By using this hyperscale cloud environment, PAN can further expand its global presence and the coverage of its cloud-based solutions.

PAN products to GCP

In concrete terms, the collaboration that has now been established means that PAN’s most important cloud-based solution, the Application Framework, is now available via GCP. In addition, this solution will use the artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics services of this cloud platform to make the product even better.

In addition, the security specialist will now also make his GlobalProtect service available via GCP. This will increase the global reach of this service. Local offices and mobile employees benefit from this, among other things.

Finally, PAN will make the recently acquired Redlock’s cloud visibility, compliance and managed security and compliance solution available to current and future users of Google Cloud Platform.

New services for GCP

In addition to the integration of existing products, the security specialist also announces a number of new products specially developed for the GCP. For example, RedLock will now automatically incorporate all data from the compliance application for GCP’s infrastructure and services, Security Baseline API, into its own compliance reports. According to both suppliers, this is unique in the multicloud world.

In addition, RedLock now provides an overview of all security and compliance of not only the applications that customers use via GCP, but also of the data itself, the GCP infrastructure and GCP native services such as the Google Kubernetes Engine.

Beta version for more visability

A second service for GCP is Google Cloud Security Command Center (CSCC). This beta service must provide extensive visibility into the assets, vulnerabilities and threats to end users. This tool displays PAN service alerts such as VM series firewalls, Traps and RedLock to help customers get a complete picture of their security and compliance risks within the GCP cloud environment.

The integration of RedLock and the VM series firewalls in a hyperscale cloud platform is not unique to GCP. The integration of these products for AWS was announced earlier this year.

Knife cuts on two sides

In this way, customers who use PAN’s products to secure their on-premise environment can now extend it to Google’s hyperscale cloud environment, according to the security specialist. Users of Google’s cloud platform can in turn access high-quality corporate security solutions with unique applications developed specifically for GCP.

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