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Virtustream launches automation tools to migrate apps to the cloud

Virtustream launches automation tools to migrate apps to the cloud

Virtustream, which offers enterprise cloud and managed services, has added new features to its platform. This should make it easier to migrate on-premise software apps to the cloud. That’s what Silicon Angle writes.

The company, which is part of Dell, says its new version of its Virtustream Enterprise Cloud comes with significant cloud automation features. With the additions, previously lengthy tasks should now be able to be carried out automatically and safely. Minimal human input is required.

The company’s Enterprise Cloud is a public cloud platform that competes with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Virtustream’s cloud, however, is more of a niche platform, designed to host mission-critical and highly regulated apps. These include, for example, ERP systems.

The platform distinguishes itself by offering highly defined managed services around the infrastructure where the applications are hosted. This offers benefits such as more efficient use of resources and better application management through automation and provisioning. The cloud is also integrated with the Cloud Foundry version of Pivotal Software, which is a popular platform for developing cloud native apps.

New features

One of the new features in the platform is an updated version of the xStream cloud management software platform. It’s rebuilt with a new architecture and API, which together should eliminate some of the hard work involved in migrating applications from on-premise environments to the cloud.

Users can use the platform to self-provision virtual machines that are automatically configured with a range of security services. This includes detection of intruders, firewalls, and anti-malware tools. In addition, the company offers more automation options for the app it hosts. Customers running SAP applications, for example, can now automate start and stop operations if necessary. As a result, applications are automatically stopped when they are not being used, for example during the weekend.

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