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From 2 April traditional Google+ will disappear, including all your photos and videos.

From 2 April traditional Google+ will disappear, including all your photos and videos.

Google has announced that April 2nd is the ultimate date to remove all your Google+ data from the social network. From then on, Google will start deleting accounts and pages from private Google+ accounts. G Suite users can continue to use Google+ and may expect new features soon.

In October 2018, Google announced that it was pulling the plug on its social network, which started in 2011. Initially, the date of death was set for August 2019. At the end of December 2018, Google decided to put forward that deadline after discovering a new data leak. As of April 2, 2019, the consumer version of Google+ is completely finished.

From that day on, Google will systematically start removing accounts, pages and media. If you still want to remove all your media from your account, you can do so with this tool. The removal will take several months.

New deadlines

As of February 4th, you will no longer be able to create new personal Google+ accounts. If your website uses a Google+ login button, you need to look for an alternative. Some variants will be automatically converted to a general Google login.

Whoever uses Google+ for comments on his or her website, has to look for something else. The functionality will be removed from Blogger from February 4 and other websites from March 7. All reactions and comments will also be removed from April 2nd.

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According to Google, developers who use Google+ APIs or Google+ Sign-in can go here for a smooth transition to an alternative.

Business customers

G Suite customers can continue to use Google+. It gets several new features specifically for companies. The new platform will have an extensive admin console where you can use different permissions. In this way you can create various groups and decide for yourself who gets access. Google+ also gets comprehensive analytics software so that department heads can measure employee engagement and moderate posts.

Google+ is integrated in G Suite and competes with Slack, Teams and Workplace by Facebook. On top of that, there is also Google’s own Hangouts, which has been given a new business life within G Suite. For the time being, Google gives little information about potential synergies between the two.

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