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Microsoft Edge on Chromium looks almost ready for public preview

Microsoft Edge on Chromium looks almost ready for public preview

For the time being, Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser will continue to be tested only internally. However, The Verge was allowed to take an exclusive look at the browser, which suggests that a public preview is no longer far away.

In contrast to previously leaked screenshots, the version that was allowed to test The Verge already feels more like a Windows 10 app. The user interface still shows characteristics of Chrome, but more elements of Edge have already penetrated the browser. We will have to wait and see if Microsoft will extend that line even further.

If you’re about to start using your own browser, you’ll get the chance to import favorites, passwords, and browsing history from Chrome or Edge, depending on which browser is set to default. Then choose a style for the default tab.

Edge Features

The Verge notes that a number of Edge functions are (still) missing. For example, the tabsetting function has not yet been implemented and you cannot use a stylus to write and mark over websites. The dark mode is still hidden for the time being, but can be switched on via a flag.

Synchronisation between devices is also provided for, but it does not yet work optimally. At the moment you can only synchronize favorites. Settings, browsing history, browser extensions, open tabs, passwords and auto-completion data will follow later.

Microsoft offers a separate overview of browser extensions that it has already validated for compatibility with Edge. By enabling a switch in the settings, you can access all extensions from Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Public preview

This early version of Edge on Chromium would already work very stable and fast. It is not yet known when Microsoft will start with its public preview, but that moment doesn’t seem far away anymore.

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