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KPN and its subsidiary XS4ALL will increase their internet subscription prices from June onwards. At KPN, prices for various subscriptions will increase by one euro per month as of June 1. XS4ALL increases its prices per 4 June by 2.50 euros per month.

At KPN, all current subscriptions increase in price by one euro per month. Older subscriptions, which are no longer available for ordering, will receive a larger price increase for the molars. For example, the prices of Internet Entry and Internet Standard are increased by 1.50 euros per month. All-in-one Standard even gets a price increase of 3.50 euros per month.

The most expensive subscription of the provider, Internet and TV 4K, will also get an increase in speed, as you can read on the website of the provider. At the moment this subscription has an internet speed of 150 Mbit/s for downloading and 15 Mbit/s for uploading. As of May 1st this speed will increase with 50 and 5 Mbit/s.

However, this speed increase does not apply to all customers, because the technical situation at the address determines whether the higher speed is possible. Customers who do benefit from the increase will receive a message before 1 May. KPN is also raising the prices for VOIP calls. The starting rate per call will increase by one cent per call after 1 June, and the price per minute will also increase by one cent.

According to KPN, the price increase is necessary to “continue to invest in the quality of services and the network”. According to the provider, this makes it possible, for example, to continue to increase internet speeds and to speed up the roll-out of fibre-optics.


Customers of XS4ALL will also have to deal with a price increase, although this will take place three days later on 4 June. Here the prices for all subscriptions go up by 2.50 euros per month. According to this provider, the price increase is necessary to invest in quality, service and internet security.

XS4ALL should disappear soon. Earlier this year, parent company KPN announced that it would discontinue the brands Telfort, XS4ALL and Yes Telecom. The aim is to implement the change in the course of this year and 2020. Customers of the brands ultimately end up under the KPN brand.

Several customers were angry about this and united in the action group XS4ALL Moet Blijven, which is now working on a new provider. That provider should start within a few months under a new name, but with the values of XS4ALL.

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