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More than 38% of Dutch employees consider technology on the shop floor to be essential for their own productivity and the success of their organisation. Yet 33 percent see the continuous change of technology as a challenge. This is evident from the Future of Work study commissioned by Citrix among a thousand Dutch knowledge workers.

The group of employees who find technology useful, but no goal in itself is larger (47.8 percent) than the group who find it essential for productivity and success. Only a tenth of Dutch employees say they find technology a challenge that they regularly need the help of colleagues, or something that costs them a lot of time and money.

Technology therefore certainly brings challenges for a group of people. The continuous change of IT is the biggest challenge. 16.5 per cent say that they themselves are the biggest challenge when it comes to technology.

There are other challenges in the field of technology within the own organisation. For example, 23.5 percent said they used outdated technology and 17.6 percent said they lacked a clear IT strategy.

Deployment of technology

Moreover, IT is used in various ways on the shop floor. For example, almost a quarter of documents send e-mails to their personal e-mail address if they want to use these documents outside the office. 28.3 percent used the organization’s cloud portal for this purpose, 8.8 percent put the documents in their own cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Furthermore, more than half of the employees – 57 percent – are curious about new apps and technology within the company. This group is curious about the new application. 19.5 percent even say they’re very enthusiastic. 17.7% do not want a new application to replace an old one.

A large proportion of Dutch employees (52.9 percent) do not log on to unsecured, public Wi-Fi networks, because this is contrary to the safety policy of the employer. 21.1 percent do log on to such networks. 15.3% say they use an app that secures a connection.

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