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Hyarchis claims to be the first Dutch supplier of document management systems (DMS) to have received a Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol (WOPI) certification. This means that the company has a certified Microsoft Office Online integration.

With the certificate, Hyarchis shows that it has its own WOPI server and can create a link with Microsoft Office Online. This allows the company to offer the option to open and edit documents in an Office Online environment. This can be done in Word and Excel as well as in Powerpoint and Outlook.

Cloud-Based Working

Office integration is not new to Hyarchis. The company has been offering these in its document management application for several years. However, its own WOPI server allows customers to switch to the Office Online version. This enables them to save and edit documents directly from Hyarchis Document Management.

The advantage for Hyarchis customers is that they can work from any device and no longer need a locally installed Microsoft Office package. In this way, Hyarchis meets the wishes and needs of its customers for a more cloud-based approach.

Users can access documents in Office Online via Hyarchis Web Find or Hyarchis Rest API. In this way, backend users with their own portal can also use the new functionality.

Important development

According to Hyarchis, the new functionality offers a solution for professionals such as financial advisors, accountants and health care providers who are on their way to their clients, work on their mobile devices and often open documents on a tablet or telephone.

Adriaan Hoogduijn, COO of the company, makes it clear that this was an important development for Hyarchis. It is essential for our customers to always have access to the latest documents and to be able to edit them, wherever they are, he says.

According to Hoogduijn, the use of the new functionality is simple. It also results in considerable cost savings in licensing costs for the organisations.

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