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Microsoft changes the web version of Office, formerly known as Office Online, to Office. The company will report this in a blog on Wednesday. Server services will continue to use the same name.

Microsoft changes the name only for client-side Office Online apps. The Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Office Online Server products will remain the same. According to Microsoft, the reason for the name change is as follows: As our offering has evolved to provide access to apps on more than one platform, it no longer makes sense to use platform-specific names. We have already implemented these changes in most of our product environments, communication, marketing and technical content and expect to be able to complete the remaining updates relatively quickly, can be read in a blog post from Wednesday.

Question marks about the reasons for the name change

The company does, however, announce that it reserves the right to sometimes still use the term Office for the Web of Office in the browser when they have to distinguish the web version of Office from Windows, Mac, iOS or Android versions. Microsoft further states that everyone is free to use the term that best suits a specific context. It is therefore questionable why this name change is being implemented. It is likely that the Office online apps would still be called Office Online by users, in case this is appropriate. In a comment under the blog in question, a user also notes that the functionality of Office Online is not the same as that of the non-linear version, while the name change does give that idea.

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