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Google has announced Spinnaker for GCP. With this new solution, the company wants to simplify the work of developers who create cloud applications.

Spinnaker is launched as an open source development toolkit maintained by Netflix and Google, writes Silicon Angle. The toolkit enables software teams to create continuous delivery (CD) workflows in their projects.

Developers who use continuous delivery add code to a project several times a day. This code comes in small pieces, and replaces the approach of bundling the code in large updates that appear less frequently.

Continuous delivery has the advantage that smaller updates are easier to debug. It also takes less effort to integrate these small pieces of code with the existing code.


Spinnaker makes it possible to eliminate many of the manual steps required to set up a CD environment. It is also possible to automate daily operations.

The problem, however, is that Spinnaker is quite complex. With its new solution, Google hopes to lower the threshold for the use of the toolkit.

Spinnaker for GCP is a pre-configured version of the software. Google has adapted this version to run on its cloud platform. Built on top of the recently upgraded Kubernetes Engine, the solution allows developers to set up a CD environment in just a few clicks.


The solution comes with secure installation, automatic backups and simplified maintenance. Spinnaker also has a lot of integrations for GCP with other Google Cloud services. For example, it is possible to use the monitoring tool Stackdriver to make sure that the Spinnaker deployments are running properly. In addition, it works with the scanner for vulnerabilities in Google software, and there is an integration with a feature called Binary Authorization. Binary Authorization verifies the authenticity of the code being released before deployment.

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