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MessageBird introduces new API for business message integration

MessageBird introduces new API for business message integration

Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) supplier MessageBird launches a new API that improves sending and receiving messages to customers via WhatsApp and Messenger, among others. For example, the customer contact of companies should become a lot less inefficient.

With Programmable Conversations, as the API is called, it is possible to integrate messages on Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger and SMS in one platform. This means that the entire communication flow comes together in a combined overview. This makes it much easier for companies to handle their communications. “What we hear from companies and their customers is that people want to talk to companies on a channel that they like and that differs depending on where you are in the world,” says Robert Vis, CEO of MessageBird.

Less hassle with customer contact

Complications at customers are so drastically reduced, because all previous communication is immediately available to customer service employees. Think of the fact that customers have to explain several times what the problem is when they contact a new employee. This also means that companies no longer need to use different apps at the same time when communicating with customers. UCToday reports that MessageBird-CEO also told Robert Vis about development which he calls the “WeChatification of the West”. This is the far-reaching integration of multiple services in one app, something that MessageBird now does with messaging apps. In India, the API has already been deployed at a company that offers services similar to Uber. Fewer and fewer people downloaded the company’s app. However, by communicating with customers via Programmable Conversations, customer contact could still be maintained.

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