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Google Drive has a shortcut function to access files similar to shortcuts used in Windows. Until now, users who wanted to create a shortcut to a file in a shared folder had to make a copy of the file, so the versions did not match anymore.

Google reports that the new feature works exactly like a shortcut in Windows. The link can be placed anywhere without affecting the file in question. The file types supported are Docs, Slides, Sheets, JPGs, PDFs, folders and Office files. Currently it is not possible to create a shortcut to a file. The steps that users have to go through can therefore become quite complicated if a file is located below a hierarchy of multiple folders in a shared Drive.

File sharing

The function “Add to My Drive” will be extended with an “Add shortcut to Drive” function. Shortcuts will be visible to anyone who has access to a particular folder or Drive. This makes it easy and fast to make files accessible to users. Users can also create a shortcut in a shared folder, to a file in another shared folder. This means that sharing files with multiple groups also becomes much easier.

The feature will be rolled out to beta users of G Suite, Google’s business productivity and collaboration platform. The tech giant has not indicated when the function will also become available to non-GSite users, or when the function will become completely public. If beta users want to try out the new feature, they have to fill out an online form.

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