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EU lags behind in AI race, China gaining ground

EU lags behind in AI race, China gaining ground

The US is at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence (AI), with China in second place. However, the EU is increasingly lagging behind, according to the Center for Data Innovation today. The institute also predicts that China will continue to develop rapidly in the coming years.

The report shows that all three regions have great potential, but the EU is likely to face the most problems. In none of the six categories measured does the region play a leading role.

“AI is the next wave of innovation, and overlooking this opportunity will threaten the economic and national security of a region,” said Daniel Castro, director of the Center for Data Innovation, in a statement. “The EU has a strong talent pool and an active research community, but will not keep pace with China and the United States unless the current AI initiatives are crucially strengthened,” said Castro.

The Center conducted research in six categories: talent, research, development, adoption, data and hardware. Based on a maximum score of 100 points, it appeared that the US was in the lead with 44.2 points. China came second with 32.3 points, and the European Union followed with 23.5 points.

Strengths and weaknesses

The study showed that the US shows clear leadership in four of the six categories: talent, research, development and hardware. China is a leader in adoption and data. However, the EU ranks second in four categories: talent, research, development and adoption. Specifically, the region is particularly strong in the research category.

“The EU has the talent to compete with China and the United States in AI, but there is a clear gap between the amount of AI talent and its development and adoption,” said Eline Chivot, senior policy analyst at the Center for Data Innovation, in a statement. “The EU should give priority to policies to retain talent, turn research successes into business applications, grow larger companies that are more competitive in the global marketplace and reform the regulatory environment to better enable the use of data for AI”.

According to the study, China has a significant lack of talent compared to the EU and the US. However, the country has a great advantage in terms of the data available for the development and adoption of AIs. The U.S. has become an AI leader. This is largely due to the strength of established technology giants who have invested heavily in the industry. However, more needs to be done to further expand talent if the US is to maintain that position.

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