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Microsoft has released a preview of the new start menu for Windows 10. The company continues to tinker with the popular operating system, the goal of this adaptation is to provide more peace, simplicity and consistency across different platforms.

In the new concept of the Windows 10 start menu, the so-called “live tiles” have disappeared. Instead of these large, colored and sometimes moving tiles, the Fluent Design application logos are now displayed on a plain colored tile, in a white or gray tone, depending on dark mode in the operating system.

Fluent Design is the design principle that Microsoft has been following for some time and is slowly being implemented in all of its products. Part of this is that all Microsoft applications are also given a Fluent Design application icon that appears on every device. The icon for Word and Excel will soon be identical on Windows, Android, iOS, etc. This recognisability is important in order for users to find their way quickly.

It all looks a lot simpler, also the icons in the taskbar will soon be the same as in the start menu. This also makes it more clear.

Microsoft has been playing with the idea of making this change for a while now. With the introduction of Surface Neo and other two-screen devices, it has also become more important to provide more overview in the start menu. Maybe that’s now the deciding factor.

All in all it’s ‘just’ a visual adjustment, really big new features in Windows 10 have not been anounced yet.