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With its latest Q12020 release, SAP has fully integrated its SAP Ariba solutions with its SAP S/4HANA cloud platform. According to the ERP and cloud specialist, this gives end users full control over all aspects of their spending pattern, from the search for the right vendors and the procurement process to administrative and financial processing.

The full integration of the SAP Ariba solutions with their own cloud platform should ultimately give customers full visibility and control to achieve their business goals. Especially when it comes to complete expense management. The ERP software specialist also calls this the complete source-to-pay process.

In SAP‘s view, the service enables a complete procurement process that, in addition to integration with the SAP S/4HANA cloud platform, also fully integrates with the important Ariba Networking business platform. This is an e-commerce platform on which no less than 3.2 billion dollars worth of goods are traded annually.

Better integration

The now announced solutions and integration with the cloud platform of the ERP specialist should lead to a better procurement process as well as further improve current SAP implementations of customers. The integration makes this possible via a single platform.

In the eyes of the specialist, this means that integration with all other SAP solutions will go without a hitch. For customers, this should take away the complexity of different platforms, no good integration between them, unconnected data and an uneven end-user experience. Ultimately, the use of the now integrated platform should reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary services and support.

Improved functionality

Concretely, the now created platform offers users a complete undisturbed data and process experience, all systems can be viewed at a glance. With a single user interface, users gain insight into all underlying solutions, there are guided tours and built-in learning modules, and they have access to a digital assistant for their questions.

In addition, the application now enables faster decisions through direct access to built-in intelligence, including proactive alerts to enable smart and secure procurement. Of course, the solution has more insight and real-time reporting capabilities and extensive analytics.

Benefits for SAP S /4HANA

According to SAP, the cross-platform cloud platform will also benefit from the integration with SAP Ariba solutions. In this way, the portfolio of this platform will be further expanded with applications such as network communication, strategic sourcing, contract management and guided procurement. According to the ERP and cloud specialist, this will enable users to completely manage and execute their entire sourcing and procurement processes.