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Instead of security updates and cumulative secondary updates, from May 2020 Windows 10 users will receive only the most critical security updates for their OS. Microsoft announces this in a statement.

The cumulative updates, also known as C and D updates, will be rolled out every month in the third and fourth week, but this will temporarily not happen from May onwards. According to Microsoft, the focus in times of the corona crisis will only be on security updates. The monthly release of such updates (Update Tuesday) will not change, to keep businesses and consumers secure.

Optional updates will not be installed automatically, as they are often previews of certain fixes intended for IT professionals and admins; according to Microsoft, this currently has a significantly lower priority.

Microsoft did not say how long it plans to omit the optional updates. The D update has been released for this month, but will be the last one for the time being.

Microsoft’s response to the coronavirus regarding updates is not the only one. Earlier this month, the company already announced that support for Windows 10 version 1709 would continue for another six months, where the version of the OS would not receive any security updates initially in April. Now that support has been extended to October this year.