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Google reportedly wants to take over software company D2iQ, specialised in containers and with an expertise in Kubernetes. The acquisition should add more technology to the container orchestration platform initially developed by the tech giant.

According to sources, the possible acquisition of D2iQ (formerly known as Mesosphere) is almost a certainty. The container and Kubernetes specialist provides a platform and various management tools for applications built on Kubernetes. The technology should strengthen Google’s work surrounding Kubernetes platform and Anthos. Especially in the area of managed services. In addition, the influx of D2iQ employees would be an added bonus for Google because of their specific expertise.

Both companies are no strangers to each other. D2iQ has been a partner of Google for quite some time, among others for its Google Cloud Platform and G Suite.

Suitable takeover candidate

D2iQ was ripe for the taking as recent layoffs resulted in 34 employees losing their jobs. To make matters worse, D2iQ CEO Mike Fey recently announced that he is resigning. A potential acquisition of D2iQ should yield more than 250 million dollars (230.5 million euro) – the current estimated value of the company.

If successful, this will be Google’s second major acquisition this year. In February, the tech giant completed the acquisition of BI-supplier Looker for 2.6 billion dollars.