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GitLab introduced several new security features with the release of version 13.0. These include automatic detection of common vulnerabilities in application programming interfaces (APIs) and support for external security tools.

The release of GitLab 13 was announced in early May, including several new features. Scanners are introduced to detect vulnerabilities in APIs and applications written in .NET automatically.

In version 13.0 it is possible to have multiple copies of the repository through Gitaly Clusters. Should the main repository suddenly disappear, a backup can easily be restored.

To maintain a good overview while working on a project, GitLab’s version 13 made several changes to the existing dashboards. For example, the addition of Value Stream Management makes it easier to pinpoint where a project gets stuck in order to improve workflow. In the future, it should also be possible to quickly identify which Kubernetes clusters are in use.

Version 13 of GitLab marks a milestone in the development of the platform, but new features are already planned for next month. Including a new feature that would make it easier to find issues each month. The 13.1 update is due to be released at the end of May.

Tip: GitLab is a DevSecOps platform with open-source at its core