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Microsoft has begun automatically rolling out the new chromium-based Edge browser to all Windows 10 users. In the coming weeks, the browser will be installed through Windows Update.

Microsoft announces that the new Chromium Edge browser will be rolled out to Windows 10 users via Windows Update. This also means that the browser updates will no longer be part of the monthly Windows Updates. The new Microsoft browser follows the Chromium update schedule, which means that a new version of Edge will be released every six weeks.

The browser is automatically installed for users of version 1803 and higher. This means that the old version of Edge is automatically replaced. Companies that do not want to switch to the new version of Edge can use a Blocker Toolkit.

The new version of the Edge browser was announced in 2018 and was ultimately released last January. The new version of Edge automatically transfers all settings, favourites, and passwords from the previous version.

Edge improvements

Microsoft continued to add more features to the Edge browser in recent months. At the end of May, it was announced that users can now also synchronize browser extensions between different devices. Edge also features Collections that allow you to add fragments of a web page, or entire web pages, into collections via drag and drop. Edge is currently the most popular browser after Google Chrome.