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Atlassian recently announced they were bringing several updates to their ‘Confluence’ workspace and their Trello project management and collaboration tool. According to the company, the target is to accelerate a move to the next phase of remote work.

In mid-March 2020, Trello alone had a 73% increase in signups, compared to March last year. This was around the time companies were forced to adopt a work-from-home strategy, as the pandemic took hold.

A table view for Trello users

The new features are straightforward and easy to use.  Trello users are going to love the beta version of a table view. It’s the first time that Trello users will have a spreadsheet-like view of what is happening across the boards.

It is quite similar to Airtable, and the best part is, the Trello team said that this is just the first of many updates that they are bringing, to enhance the remote working experience.

Confluence’s updates

Confluence, on the other hand, received several new features to help users save time. On their slated future updates, Confluence plans to bring a bulk content management tool that will let users archive several pages, using a single click, export, and label them, among other useful additions.

This recent update, brought to Confluence, Smart Links that allow viewers to see content from all over the web so that they do not have to leave their workspace to view the information. The update also contains real-time feedback on the content available in Confluence already.

Users can now view, create, and resolve comments while in edit mode. Atlassian’s head of Confluence feels that the old systems of unnecessarily long chains will not be sufficient, at a time when many companies are considering a permanent move to virtual workspaces.