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With ERP Direct, AFAS Software has launched a new cloud-based ERP solution for mainly smaller companies. ERP Direct can be implemented in a very short time.

The Dutch software vendor AFAS Software has launched a cloud-based ERP solution with ERP Direct aimed at the lower end of the SME market. With ERP Direct companies, with 10 up to 25 employees, can get a better grasp on their business processes and administrative tasks and actions are reduced. This also makes it easier for them to focus on their core tasks.

Afas ERP offers two different packages

ERP Direct includes the full suite of AFAS ERP solutions with the full version of the software. Customers also get the AFAS Template and Financial & CRM with order management or project management.

Customers can use the cloud-based software ERP Direct anywhere, including at home. Once a month, customers pay a fixed fee for the service, including consultancy services.

Fast implementation process

The rapid implementation of ERP Direct is also very useful for smaller SME’s, according to the ERP vendor. The entire implementation project was completed in two weeks.

First, customers are given two online training days on the operation of the software. After that, a consultant from AFAS Software will set up the ERP processes in collaboration with the customer. For this purpose, AFAS Software has more than 12.000 examples of implementations at its disposal. With these examples and the vision of the company on how to set up ERP systems, AFAS Software can fine-tune the entire deployment process to the customer.

In the final stage, AFAS Software transfers the customer’s data to ERP Direct, and the solution goes live for the customer.

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