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Google introduces new cloud infrastructure updates, including a new way to access Google Cloud with Private Service Connect.

Many customers don’t want data traffic to travel over the open internet because of network security or company policies. Private Service Connect ensures that data traffic runs exclusively through Google’s network. This means that the underlying infrastructure is not exposed.

Private Service Connect creates endpoints in the virtual network allowing SaaS solutions, for example, to communicate with each other via Google’s private network. This will enable customers to use services within their virtual network without the need for proxies.

It allows SaaS providers to deliver their services faster and also simplifies the management of the cloud architecture. Companies are now able to enforce security policies for connections between on-premise and cloud services, allowing them to speed up cloud migrations.

Service Directory

According to Brad Calder, Google Cloud’s vice president of engineering, Private Service Connect can be linked to Google’s Service Directory. This service was introduced last March to provide customers with a clear overview of all used services. Users can combine Private Service Connect with Service Directory to securely connect to these services and manage them at scale.

Network Intelligence Center

Google also announces updates for the Network Intelligence Center, this central platform allows customers to monitor and optimize their networks. The first addition is a Performance Dashboard that provides customers a real-time overview of packet loss and latency for each project. The platform now also features a beta version of Firewall Insights for network security teams.

Google Cloud CDN now also supports content from on-premise data centers and public clouds, in addition to Google Cloud.

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