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The new Windows 10 updates are causing significant problems for a large number of users. Many complain about the blue screen of death (BSoD), decreased performance and network problems. 

The Windows 10 updates KB4549951 and KB4566782 were recently released to improve the security of the use of external devices, such as mouse and keyboard. In addition, the updates should also improve the way Windows 10 stores and manages files.  

Since releasing these updates, the official Windows forum has been flooded with reports of hardware errors, network problems and blue screen of death. There are even users who complain about the rare ‘green screen of death’. Only Windows Insiders with preview versions of Windows 10 can see this screen. Users report that downloads are slow as well as wifi. It is also often impossible to connect external Bluetooth devices and devices connected via USB are not recognized.  

It is remarkable that the use of Hyper-V hypervisor is a common theme in all complaints. Windows Sandbox, a new feature from Microsoft, also uses this hypervisor to run potentially harmful software in a closed environment without affecting the rest of the system.  

Lenovo devices seem to be extremely affected by the Hyper-V error. 

Tip: Microsoft has lost its grip on the Windows 10 update process