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MSI’s past laptops for gaming have performed well, and now, it is time to see what their business-class laptop series will offer. Just last week, MSI hosted a virtual summit where they announced several new machines, driven by the 11th generation of Intel CPUs. 

Most of what was discussed there involved forms and configurations of gaming laptops that can compete with Razer and other models on the same level.

The summit’s highlight was when the Taiwanese company introduced a slim business laptop series called Summit, which is not usual for the company. MSI’s Prestige and Modern series will also get a refresh in the form of Tiger Lake.

Some key changes

MSI is a laptop vendor that focuses on the production of gaming and creative work laptops. Until the release of Summit, MSI laptops (even general-purpose models) have had Nvidia GPUs. The Tiger Lake releases omit the Nvidia GPU and rely entirely on Intel’s Xe graphics. 

To see a company that has been relying on discrete GPUs, drop them in favor of Intel Xe is a good indication that they may live up to the hype.

The Summit series has two planned releases (E and B). In each, customers will be offered variants of 14 and 15 inches and a 13-inch convertible in the E series.

Features galore, business style

The E Series has IR webcams and touchscreens, where the B series do not. Aside from this, the key features are the same. They include TPM, 11th generation CPUs, Intel vPro, Wi-Fi 6Thunderboth 4, a fingerprint sensor, etc.

The B14 and B15 are 14 and 15 inches, respectively. They sport the standard fare for business class laptops. The E14 and E15 take things to a higher level with more features and even a display that flips 360-degrees.