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Zoho upgrades Workplace suite to compete with Google and Microsoft

Zoho upgrades Workplace suite to compete with Google and Microsoft

Zoho has unveiled an upgraded release of its Zoho Workplace Productivity Suite. It has many new productivity features designed to compete with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite from Google. 

In the almost quarter of a century that Zoho has been in existence, they have never raised funds. They are, however, a significant player in the business software market. Based in Austin, Texas, with more than 50 million users across over 45 cloud apps, Zoho helps organizations automate critical processes like accounting and onboarding for new employees. 

Zoho Workplace is their entry into the productivity market.

A complete suite

In the suite are nine apps that users can deploy for creating documents and presentations and team communications and collaboration. Users can link it with WordDrive, a dashboard that shares many features with Google Drive.

Other team members can access documents that they compose in the suite’s other apps using the platform.

WorkDrive got a significant update during the upgraded suite’s launch with a feature called TrueSync standing out. According to the company, it makes it easier to work with large team-created folders with many files.

Faster and easier to use

Before this update, users had to download the contents of the WorkDrive to the desktop. A large folder would take a lot of time and storage space. The new feature will download shortcuts, instead of the files themselves, to address the issue of storage.

When a user clicks on the shortcut, they will be shown the document on the cloud. This will not take up any space on the desktop and can still allow one to do edits.

Other additions include expanded language support and Zoho Sheet, a spreadsheet editor that synchronizes data between sheets. Zoho says that a quarter of their customer switched from G Suite or Microsoft.