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Google is investing even more in videoconferencing with the launch of Google Meet Series One hardware, in partnership with Lenovo. The Google Meet Series One room kits are made for companies that have already shifted to a “distributed team” work model during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Google is planning to be the go-to tech company that ensures communication is not only possible but optimized.

As companies are working toward a return to normal, many will use a mixed model that involves on-premises presence and Work-From-Home efforts. Video solutions have to be implemented to make this reality tenable.

The future is Google Meet

Google Meet’s product manager TJ Varghese, said that Series One is designed for just this kind of workplace with the best Google AI built into it.

The hardware is powered by Google Meet Compute System, the nerve centre for the hardware, and uses most of the same technology used in Google cloud data centres. The Meet Compute System is powered by Coral M.2 accelerator modules and Google Edge tensor processing units.

With that combination, they can enable the onboarding of AI-based audio and video processing for cutting-edge performance and privacy levels.

A bang for your buck

The hardware can be managed using Google Admin console in G Suite, allowing remote device setup, status checks, and resolving most minor issues without having to be in the meeting room physically.

The hardware has a 10-inch touchscreen controller, Google Assistant integrations, an extra-large true 4K smart camera, and a Smart Audio bar that can process up to 44 channels simultaneously.

The AI cameras use automatic framing with high image quality, AI-based noise cancellation, and voice amplification technology for background noise filtering. The only limitation is that there can only be a maximum of 100 participants with a time limit of 60 minutes per meeting with an audience of not more than 100,000.