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Salesforce launches Salesforce Talent Alliance (STA) initiative

Salesforce launches Salesforce Talent Alliance (STA) initiative

Salesforce has started an alliance that aims to increase the number of skilled Salesforce workers, named the Salesforce Talent Alliance. The aim here is to meet the demand which IDC estimates will generate about 4.2 million new jobs in the next three years.

The alliance is not too limited and welcomes both partners and customers to participate. Already they have 200 partners from 40 countries who have signed up for the program.

Tyler Prince, the VP of Worldwide Alliances & Channels, notes a three-step process here. They will inspire people to seek out Salesforce careers, gain commitment from potential employers, and then hire the new talent to make sure employers and job seekers get the opportunity to network with each other.

The commitments Salesforce is making

With this announcement, the first steps are already in motion or done. The salesforce community takes care of the third step. The company is also working to make sure they have a strong presence in education institutions.

They have made moves to add the Trailhead course into the curriculum.

So far, Salesforce has promised the following commitments:

  • They are going to dedicate 20% of the hiring to newly qualified Salesforce personnel.
  • They will guarantee interviews for location-aligned people who have been certified their programs like Pathfinder and Salesforce Military.
  • They have pledged to remove bias in job descriptions and make their interviews standard, using competency-based questions.

The intention is to diversify the Salesforce community.

Opportunities abound

The description ‘newly qualified’ applies to professionals with less than six months of experience in Salesforce. They can be new graduates, people returning to the workforce to learn new skills, career-changing people, and those coming out of workforce development organizations.

With more prospective partnerships on the way, Salesforce is looking to grow by expanding its number of skilled workers.

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