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Cisco is now rolling out updates for Intersight, its hybrid cloud operations platform, and integrating it with AppDynamics. Cisco’s Intersight platform aims to connect private data centers to private clouds.

The suite first became publicly available in 2017. It is used as a cloud-based management platform for Cisco’s UCS (Unified Computing System) and HyperFlex Systems.

The update has new capabilities in the Intersight Workload Optimizer, which simplifies app resource management while still functioning as a single tool that provides full-stack visibility and insights in real-time.

Improvements and simplification

The platform now has AppDynamics for even better visibility across apps and infrastructure. The new features in the Intersight Kubernetes Service are in place to help infrastructure teams automate the lifecycle management of Kubernetes and container apps in different hybrid environments.

Cisco also brings out a new way to manage multi-cloud data center networks in on-premise, virtual, and cloud environments. There is also a Nexus dashboard and improved identity service engine performance.

AppDynamics is bringing a new visualization interface that is meant to reduce the complexity of monitoring cloud-native apps. Cisco said that the new platform features are an indication that the company’s broader shift to software.

Simplicity is the future

Cisco wants to centralize and consolidate its tools and services, so they are more accessible and easier-to-use. Todd Nightingale, the SVP and GM of Cisco’s Enterprise Networking and Cloud, says that Cisco’s announcement is to cater to multi-cloud operations that give more insight and automation to help organizations transform more rapidly.

He asserts that complexity can paralyze teams, making the systems not as robust as they should be. This brittleness is what they are aiming to remove with agility and simplicity baked into the solutions.

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