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GitHub threatens to ban users uploading YouTube-dl copies

GitHub threatens to ban users uploading YouTube-dl copies

GitHub has issued a warning for users who upload copies of YouTube-dl’s source code to the platform. After the platform previously removed the download program because of a DMCA takedown, many angry users uploaded duplicates of the software.

The removal of YouTube-dl from GitHub angered many users. In response, dozens or hundreds of users have created new repositories on the platform with copies of YouTube-dl’s source code. With YouTube DL you can download YouTube video’s.

Some users have even taken advantage of a bug that allows them to push commits to repositories they don’t have rights to. This way, a user managed to commit a copy of YouTube-dl to the repository where GitHub collects all DMCA takedowns.

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GitHub agrees with users

While GitHub complies with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)’s legal request to remove the platform’s open source project, it is clearly on the side of angry users.

Neat Friedman, the CEO of GitHub, has indicated that he’d be happy to help find ways to put YouTube-dl back on the platform. He even logged into the YouTube-dl IRC channel to give tips to developers, Bleeping Computer writes.


Still, GitHub is forced to be strict to users who continue to upload copies of YouTube-dl. In the Readme that’s posted in the DMCA repository, the company has added a few paragraphs with a warning.

“If you are looking to file or dispute a takedown notice by posting to this repository, please STOP, because we do not accept Pull Requests or other contributions to this repository.”

The platform goes on to state that it’s fine to leave comments on commits to discuss it, but GitHub doesn’t actively monitor those comments. Users who want to contact the company directly are redirected to the contact page.

GitHub then warns that reposting content that has been removed from the website due to a DMCA takedown is against GitHub’s rules. The company will remove reposted content and warns that responsible accounts may be suspended.


YouTube-dl is an open source tool that allows users to download videos from YouTube. The RIAA sent a DMCA takedown to GitHub last month because, according to the RIAA, YouTube LL can be used to download copyrighted content. YouTube-dl’s own source code does not contain any copied code.

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