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Mirantis adds extension support to Lens

Mirantis adds extension support to Lens

Mirantis has announced a new version of Lens. The update adds the Lens Extensions API, which allows developers to extend the capabilities of Lens.

For example, Lens Extensions API allows developers to add management of Lens to centralized dashboards. Developers also can write their own extensions for Lens.


According to Mirantis, Extensions API is going to make the life of developers a lot easier. Companies often add additional components to their Kubernetes framework, such as additional network security. Lens and the new API will make it possible to manage them centrally.


Several companies have already added support for Lens with the Extensions API. One of them is Tigera, which created a Lens extension for its Calico container networking software. Security companies StackRox and nCipher have also announced their own extensions.


Mirantis specializes in business products for managing containers. Last year, it acquired Docker Enterprise and this year it took Lens under its wings. In September Mirantis released its first update for Lens since the acquisition. This update added support for kubeconfig files.

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