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Google Anthos now available on bare metal servers

Google Anthos now available on bare metal servers

Move offers customers more control and a wider range of Anthos Cloud deployment options.

Google this week announced today that its hybrid cloud application development platform Anthos is now generally available on bare-metal servers. This development now gives Anthos customers more choice on how and where they run their hybrid cloud workloads.

Google Anthos is a hybrid cloud application development platform that went live last year. Anthos enables customers to run Kubernetes clusters anywhere, in both cloud and on-premises environments. Users benefit from a consistent managed Kubernetes experience with simple installs as well as upgrades validated by Google.

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Anthos also allows users to define, automate, and enforce policies across environments. This allows them to meet their organization’s unique security and compliance requirements. Anthos Config Management evaluates changes and rolls them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that the customer’s desired state is always reflected.

What is a bare metal server?

A bare-metal server is one that runs without a base operating system or any installed applications. The customer chooses the operating system, and then workloads are installed directly onto the OS. They do not need to use any hypervisor, or virtual machine monitoring software, to help eliminate unnecessary overhead.

Richard Seroter, director of Outbound Product Management, and Amr Abdelrazik, PM for Anthos, made the announcement in a blog post. They said Anthos on bare metal opens up “new possibilities” for how customers run their workloads, and where.

“Anthos on bare metal allows you to leverage existing investments in hardware, OS and networking infrastructure,” they explained. “The minimal system requirement to run Anthos on bare metal at the edge is two nodes with a minimum of 4 cores, and 32 GB RAM, and 128GB of disk space with no specialized hardware. The setup allows you to run Anthos on bare metal on most any infrastructure.”

Platform uses a BYOS “bring your own system” model

Anthos on bare metal uses a “bring your own operating system” model, according to Google. It runs atop physical or virtual instances, and supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1/8.2, CentOS 8.1/8.2, or Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 LTS.

Anthos provides overlay networking and L4/L7 load balancing out of the box. Customers can also integrate with their own load balancer such as F5 and Citrix. For storage, users can deploy persistent workloads using CSI integration with their existing infrastructure.

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