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Mirantis has announced Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes. The software enables users to run private clouds within a Kubernetes environment.

In a press release, Mirantis writes that many people already use OpenStack to run their private clouds. Because these private clouds can now run in a Kubernetes container, they can be used more flexibly.

OpenStack for Kubernetes is the first in a series of improvements to Mirantis’ Cloud Native Platform. What other improvements the company is planning is not known.

Superior technologies

“Kubernetes and containers are superior technologies for building and releasing applications that run anywhere, scale gracefully, are resilient, and that can be updated without service downtime,” said Shaun O’Meara, global field CTO at Mirantis.

“We engineered Mirantis Cloud Native Platform to deliver, monitor, and update Kubernetes clusters, anywhere — on bare metal, private, or public clouds — providing a simple, self-service experience for customers.”

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes is available immediately for customers of Mirantis Container Cloud via an update.