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Google wants to turn old laptops into Chromebooks

Google wants to turn old laptops into Chromebooks

Google has acquired software company Neverware. Neverware has developed an operating system with which old Windows and Apple computers can run Chrome OS. It is unknown how much Google paid for the acquisition.

New life in old computers

The software that Neverware has developed is called CloudReady. Neverware based the software on Chromium OS, the open-source operating system developed by Google that serves as the basis for Chrome OS.

CloudReady is intended to breathe life into older Windows and Apple computers. The software is lighter than Windows 10 and macOS and should therefore be able to run well on older hardware. Neverware recommends at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage capacity.

Collaboration with Google

Google has confirmed that the aim is to make CloudReady part of Google’s product line-up. The company has been working with Neverware for a long time and hopes that with a complete acquisition, it can support customers better in the transition to Chrome OS.

Neverware emphasizes that there are no plans to make any changes to the free Home version of CloudReady. It will remain available, and the company will continue to provide support to existing customers.

Collaboration with Google can bring additional benefits. Currently, CloudReady does not have access to the Google Play Store, meaning that Android apps cannot run on computers running CloudReady, while most ‘real’ Chromebooks can. This may change with the acquisition by Google.

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