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Nutanix added support for Google Anthos

Nutanix added support for Google Anthos

Nutanix HCI added support for the Google app management platform, Anthos for users who run GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) on their servers. Since Anthos runs on all three of the biggest public clouds, it means that containerized apps can be moved between the environments with just one management tool.

Sean Roth and Luke Congdon, both Nutanix bloggers, wrote that the Enterprise IT teams often face major issues when they try to build on-premises Kubernetes environments using the existing legacy infrastructure.

The reason is that the traditional servers, networks, and storage solutions, are not architecture for how Kubernetes and containers use IT resources.

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An expanded reach

They added that running Anthos on Nutanix enables customers to have a multi-cloud infrastructure capability that makes it possible to deliver the unhindered ability to run web-scale containerized apps.

Users can also choose hardware preferences and integrate expansive virtualization, storage, and management features.

Greg Muscarella, the VP of product for Nutanix, says that Anthos is gaining traction in on-premises IT environments as organizations try to find a way to extend the reach of their existing investments in GKE. Nutanix also committed to making Anthos available alongside its own Kubernetes distribution, named Karbon.

A competitive market

It is becoming clearer that Kubernetes will be running on many virtual and physical machines very soon. Cloud Native Computing Foundation did a survey recently that showed that more than 81% of respondents used more than 20 virtual or physical machines in container environments.

Currently, VMware is the dominating force in the supply of virtual machines in enterprises. However, Nutanix has been hard at work to close the gap between its AHV hypervisor and what VMware offers.

It doesn’t matter where you run Kubernetes. The types of platforms on which Kubernetes can be deployed continue to increase.

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