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Oracle has released new functionality in its Employee Care Package, a part of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM). The solution was initially launched in June and received an update in September. Oracle has now added even more features.

Here, the aim is to help HR teams with the logistics issues of bringing employees back to the traditional office workspace. The latest addition in the solution is called ‘Return to the Workplace Journey.’

Chris Leone, senior Veep of development at Oracle Cloud HCM said that the pandemic has forced organizations to put health and safety first and this has brought HR leaders to the front and center. 

Meeting the challenges

He continued to say that the future of work is still evolving and organizations must make informed business decisions that protect their teams in real-time. He says that the ‘Return to the Workplace Journey’ will help customers meet the challenge and ensure worker health and safety. 

Return to the Workplace Journey was built using the latest feature in the Fall 2020 release, Journeys. Journeys allow organizations to create, configure and share business processes with HCM. 

The processes could be onboarding, performance reviews or the journey for employees to get back to work. 

What is the journey?

Many organizations have seen a lot of time saved by using these tools for a shared journey path where individuals return to the workplace. The assumption is that every organization can tweak their journeys and personalize them for convenience. 

The ‘Return to Work Journey’ included some necessary steps for every employee, including things like ensuring employees review safety procedures, complete regular wellness checks, have a mask and training in safety protocols, provisions to book a COVID-19 test with testing providers and updating statuses for immunization and other self-reporting tools.