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On Wednesday, Google announced the launch of Apigee X, the new major release of the Apigee API management platform it bought in 2016. Amit Zavery, Google Cloud’s head of platform, said that if we look at current events, especially after the pandemic started in 2020, the volume of digital activities has skyrocketed in every industry.

All kinds of uses are coming and one of the things the company is seeing is the need for a global digital transformation platform that is high-performance and reliable.

He noted that the number of API calls has risen by 47% from 2020 and the platform now handles an estimated 2.2 trillion API calls per year.

New tools

The main aim of the updates is to integrate deeper with Google Cloud’s AI, networking tools, and security. The integrations mean that Apigee users can, in practice, deploy their APIs across 24 Google’s cloud regions and caching services in more than 100 locations.

Apigee X now integrates with Google Cloud’s Armor firewall and Cloud Identity Access Management platform.

It will no longer be necessary for users to deploy third-party tools for their firewall or identity management requirements. Zavery explained that the platform uses AI/ML in anomaly detections and operations management.

Scaling digital initiatives

With such tools, the platform can predict malicious intent or other things that could happen to API calls or your traffic by embedding AI/ML-generated insights into the API platform. Zavery says that it is a big improvement with new features in operations, security, and vulnerability management.

The platform now utilizes Google’s AI capabilities better to identify anomalies and predict traffic for peak seasons.

The intent is to help customers automate most of the tasks and improve security while at it.