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Huawei’s founder hopes Biden will adopt an ‘open policy’

Huawei’s founder hopes Biden will adopt an ‘open policy’

Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei, said on Tuesday that it would be extremely difficult for the US to end sanctions that have damaged its phone business. However, he hopes that the new US administration will have an open policy.

Ren, who was making his first appearance before media since March 2020, said that he hoped the Biden administration would keep US interests in mind when forming a new policy to deal with the so-called ‘security risks’ posed by Chinese tech firms.

He said that it would be ‘conducive’ for the US to supply Chinese firms.

Huawei is not completely crippled

Huawei achieved positive growth for both revenue and net profit in 2020, according to Ren, who also said that the company’s customers continue to have confidence in its offerings.

He spoke to reporters while standing on the sidelines of a 5G mining project the company was launching in the Northern Chinese city of Taiyuan. He hoped that the new administration will have an open policy that will benefit both American and Chinese firms.

He also added that he would open to a call from Biden, regarding the issue of bans on Chinese companies.

Huawei is eager to do business

Huawei was added to a US trade blacklist by the former administration under Trump, in May 2019. The claim to justify the blacklist addition was that the company was a security risk. The addition to a blacklist banned US companies from selling essential items to Huawei.

The ban reached foreign firms that do business in the US like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, which cut off chip supplies to Huawei.

Ren said that it will not be easy to be taken off the list. However, he insisted that they hope to buy large volumes of US equipment and materials if the Biden administration allows it.