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Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and foreign minister Wopke Hoekstra will raise the subject of ASML and US trade bans during a meeting with US President Joe Biden next week, according to the Financial Times.

The Financial Times reports that the Dutch delegation intends to discuss US export bans of chip manufacturing machines to China, which Washington wants the Netherlands to comply with.

Over the past few months, the US strengthened export bans in an attempt to bar China from using high-tech equipment for military purposes. The government has been calling on allies and diplomatic relations to mirror its policies.

Netherlands-based ASML is one of the manufacturers affected by the bans. The Dutch government already prohibits the organization from exporting latest-gen EUV machines to China, but the US wants the ban to be extended to older technology as well.

ASML strongly opposes the policies, as Chinese exports represent a large portion of its sales.

International pressure

The Netherlands isn’t the only country under pressure from the US. Washington wants Japan to follow suit as well. According to Reuters, the subject will be raised during Japanese Prime Minister Fumoi Kishida’s visit with Biden today.

Tip: The Netherlands and US are in talks over further Chinese export bans