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Microsoft releases 64-bit version of OneDrive sync client

Microsoft releases 64-bit version of OneDrive sync client

Microsoft has released a 64-bit version of its OneDrive sync client. With this release, the software should cope better with large and many files.

Microsoft employee Ankara Kirti announced the new client in a blog post. In it, she says that the 64-bit version is the better choice for users who work with large files or a large number of files. Of course, it is important that the computer in question is running a 64-bit version of Windows.

Public preview

The 64-bit version of the synchronisation software is available as a public preview. It is not yet known whether Microsoft will install the new version as standard on 64-bit versions of Windows in the future. Users who are interested in trying the version can install it via this download link provided by Microsoft. The client is compatible with work, school and home versions of OneDrive.

The company asks users who run into problems with the 64-bit version to use the feedback button in OneDrive to report their problems to Microsoft. Then the 64-bit version can be deleted, and the 32bit version downloaded again from here.

Not yet compatible with Arm

Microsoft gives two reasons for not installing the 64-bit version: if a user runs a 64-bit version of Windows based on an Arm processor or if a user still has a 32-bit version of Windows running on an x86 processor. The first reason is striking, because apparently Microsoft has not yet finished a 64-bit version of OneDrive for Arm.

However, the company is betting big on the emerging architecture, and according to many rumours, later this year, Microsoft will introduce the ability to emulate 64-bit x86 applications on the Arm version of Windows. Emulation of x86 currently only works with 32-bit applications. Earlier this week, the company released an Arm version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoints.