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Mirantis Container Cloud offers Kubernetes on different clouds

Mirantis Container Cloud offers Kubernetes on different clouds

Mirantis announced Mirantis Container Cloud with hundreds of updates. It includes support for the IaaS solution VMware, which helps businesses build and operate container and virtual machines (VMs) clouds, wherever they want, with consistency.

Adam Parco, the VP of engineering at Mirantis, says that Mirantis Container Cloud makes it easy to deploy and manage production Kubernetes at scale, across different infrastructures, simplifying multi-cloud operations and making them reliable and efficient as well.

He continued to say that users can reduce operational overhead and the need for cloud- and platform-specific skills.

What do you get?

Container Cloud makes automation and workloads portable between on-premises data centers and public clouds. It also has single points of integration, to avail automated cluster provisioning and developer self-service.

Businesses can use Mirantis Container Cloud to:

  • Build and operate containers and VM clouds consistently.
  • Observe, scale and update (without disruptions) from one place
  • Use one set of automation control instead of several
  • Port apps from one infrastructure into another easily to save money, avoid lock-in and boost performance

With the platform, there is the utilization of existing private clouds to run modern containers without struggling too much.

The updates

The Mirantis Container Cloud updates include:

  • Multi-cloud support for bare metal
  • Multiple NIC support for bare metal provider
  • VMware provider
  • Kubernetes-centers Grafana dashboards in Stacklight
  • Stacklight support for VMware provider

In addition to these features, others have been added to Mirantis’ Kubernetes Engine, to enhance security for Kubernetes, while offering secure access to clusters for admins, which is crucial. With Mirantis, organizations can rapidly migrate code on public and private clouds. It serves companies like PayPal, STC, Reliance Jio, Adobe, DocuSign, Liberty Mutual, and more.