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Sumo Logic has announced Sumo Organizations. This is a management solution that allows service providers to gain insight into their operations, departments and teams.

Organizations is specifically targeted at managed services providers (MSP), managed security service providers (MSSP) and managed detection and response providers (MDR). Such companies often serve a large number of customers simultaneously, making it difficult to form an accurate picture of what is going on at all these different customers.

Insights into different operations

Sumo Organizations provides users with a centralised view of all application issues and potential security risks across their operations. The platform builds on the Continuous Intelligence Platform and Cloud SIEM and shows different customer environments in a single management interface.

Sumo lists a handful of benefits to using Organizations. For instance, users can access the data of all managed organisations with one user account. Furthermore, there is point-in-time usage reporting and support for billing deployments in other geographical regions. Access management can be customized based on roles and partners get some self-service capabilities. Finally, Organizations provides an overview of data in from Sumo Logic Cloud Enterprise.

Future iterations

“Enterprises are creating more data, they have more pipelines, and they have more teams that can gain intelligence into their operations by analyzing this data. Running this at scale quickly becomes a problem for enterprises, as they find it hard to get accurate visibility into current usage trends across their operations,” said Michael Marfise, General Manager for Product Growth at Sumo. “Sumo Organizations eliminates challenges with tracking and maintaining policies, users, collections, and content across multiple departments and business units. In future iterations, we expect Sumo Organizations will also support the ability to set up and manage content and data, monitor and troubleshoot organizations, manage fine-grained RBAC permissions, and view federated dashboards.”

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