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Microsoft has updated licensing for the Power Apps and Power Apps portal, to display lower prices and simpler payment plans for each app. The changes will start working on October 1, with some ongoing promotional offers continued to that date.

The changes are part of an effort by the software giant to make the platform more accessible. Customers who are just getting started with a small number of users or scaling up will find these new changes particularly useful, according to Microsoft Licensing’s blog.

The price reductions

The upcoming price changes include:

  • The per-user plan will be priced at $20 per user/month for Power Apps. That is a 50% reduction from $40 per user/month.
  • The per-user plan will be priced at $5 per user/app/month. That is also a 50% decrease from $10 per user/app/month.

The per-app license will also be tweaked to allow the users to run one app or access one portal. Currently, one can run two apps and one portal. The change will align the license with the plan’s objectives.

The plan will be accessible across Microsoft’s commerce channels; Volume Licensing (VL), web direct, and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), with no license minimums or purchase requirements.

More details

The plan entitlements will not change, including the ability to run unlimited portals and apps. Microsoft MVP Jukka Niiranen believes that the company’s decision to lower prices and offer discounts is a way to make licensing simpler and reduce confusion.

The target is to have users adopt the low-code tools for tasks like building business-critical apps and those tailored to specific audiences. The promotional offers that will run until October 1 are:

  • Power Apps per user are available for $12 per user/month (requires a minimum purchase of 5,000 licenses)
  • Power App per app available at $3 per user/app/month (requires a minimum purchase of 200 licenses.)