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Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.58 has been released along with modifications to its Workspace Trust feature introduced in the former update. It also includes terminal support for editors and many other enhancements.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, version 1.58, has made some alterations to its Workspace Trust feature introduced in the last version. This was a massive modification, described by Microsoft as a layer of extra security that allows developers to decide whether to restrict or enable automated code execution. This feature was met with heavy criticism by users and prompted Microsoft to make the necessary changes.

What were the updates?

The Workspace Trust editor’s header has an action button to “Configure your settings.” This was created to help users discover the settings that could help them personalize Workspace Trust. Another added setting allows users to configure once the banner appears and indicates that your current window is restricted. This will show by default once every workspace, remaining there until it is dismissed. It can be changed to show never or always.

Another updated feature in the 1.58 release was to support terminals to be moved to or created in the editor area. In addition, Microsoft stated that it would enable a multi-dimensional grid layout that remains visible no matter what state the panel is in.

Also, terminal.integrated.defaultLocation is a new configuration setting that allows you to set yourself as the editor to direct newly developed terminals by default to the editor area.

What else is new?

Mathematics support was also added to Visual Studio Code’s built-in Markdown preview. Now, it can render equations using the Javascript library KaTeX.      

GitHub developers can add a badge to the repository to enable their visitors to open code directly in Visual Studio Code. Then, they can either use Dev Container cloning or use Microsoft’s recently launched Remote Repositories extension.