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Qualtrics launches tool to help design optimized hybrid work plans

Qualtrics launches tool to help design optimized hybrid work plans

The Qualtrics Experience Design for Hybrid Work and Workplaces platform is a new offering from Qualtrics for organizations to leverage pre-built question sets, dashboards for real-time visibility, and precise action plans to develop corporate future-of-work plans.

The company’s new tool enables organizations to collect employee feedback that informs how hybrid work experiences optimize productivity at work.

Research by Qualtrics shows that 62% of employees prefer to have fewer office locations in exchange for better, centrally-located facilities with more amenities.

Hybrid plans are the future of work

It is becoming clear that the general sentiment among employers is that the hybrid work model will become standard operating practice.

To attract and keep talent, businesses will have to leverage data-driven approaches to give workers what they want and subsequently enjoy increased productivity due to increased worker satisfaction.

According to Qualtrics’ research, there is an almost equal split in the number of employees who want to return to the office and those who want to stay at home and continue using the hybrid model. That is why the company released the Qualtrics Experience Design for Hybrid Work and Workplaces.

The tool

Organizations can leverage the offering, which comes with pre-built question sets, guided action plans to develop return-to-work plans, and real-time dashboards to keep track of it all. The company says that the platform will help businesses ask important questions on crucial topics.

For instance, they can find out how often employees may like to use some facilities or assets and for what reason, including finding out if any changes are required to make the work environment optimized.

The toolset is built on the Qualtrics EmployeeXM platform, a suite of services for employee experience data management.