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Cloud-native computing is the future of IT, especially with all the efforts to also bring it to the Edge. Organizations have been moving their applications to containers on Kubernetes-governed clouds for years now.

Most of the applications live in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Open Infrastructure Foundation. There is one downside to it all, it’s very hard to build a cloud native infrastructure from scratch. Mirantis has now announced Mirantis Flow, which is a cloud-native datacenter-as-a-service and should make it a lot easier.

Who’s Mirantis Flow for?

There are businesses already using public cloud infrastructure technology, which found how hard it is to put together a working infrastructure from cloud-native components. Mirantis Flow’s design makes it easy for businesses just starting their cloud journey to have an easy adoption.

Mirantis Flow is not about just getting started on a cloud. It offers a string of products and services that show Mirantis has bigger things planned. Mirantis promises that Flow will make it easy to quickly deploy and run a centrally managed, scalable cloud infrastructure that provides virtualization and containerization in the data centre, on the public cloud, and on the edge.

Faster deployment

The promise is that organizations can deploy in as little as five days. The name of the game for Flow is to reduce the cost and time of development until the new service is launched. Shaun O’Meata, Mirantis field CTO, explained in a TFIR interview that this is a data centre as a service offering. The company has seen many customers have trouble moving from the data centre to the public cloud. They waste money on traditional apps and going cloud-native.

This is a solution for them, to make work easier and more efficient.