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The software giant releases a suite of new tools for the Connected Enterprise

This week Software AG announced new innovations of its webMethods platform for APIs, Integration and Microservices. With this release, companies can simplify and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while also speeding their adoption of cloud.

The release offers new ways for customers to automate connected enterprises through APIs, integration and microservices. Companies can simplify and automate the key steps to becoming a connected enterprise. This is achieved through its new DataHub, Developer Portal and Managed File Transfer (MFT) tools. In addition to hundreds of connectors and integration recipes.

Suraj Kumar, GM of API, Integration and Microservices at Software AG, commented. “Companies today are facing unprecedented challenges with speed of digital transformation,” he said.

“Our customers are accelerating their multi-year roadmap of digital programs to months just to keep pace with this rapidly changing and disruptive market. That’s why we are focused on helping companies accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

New ARIS release automates digital transformation

The company has also announced several new functions for ARIS. These help companies to automate how they manage digital transformation at both strategic and operational levels. The latest Process Mining functionalities for ARIS will give customers a more in depth understanding of what slows down their processes.

There are also a number of automation tools that support cultural and language differences. These will help companies to design and rollout changes globally more quickly.

The new Root Cause Miner helps companies to understand their processes and bottlenecks more effectively. This is a fundamental first step in implementing any transformation initiatives. Combined with the new process export, ARIS users can immediately share and re-use best-in-class processes.

Dr Stefan Sigg, CPO at Software AG commented. “The pandemic has accelerated a number of initiatives, including remote work and automation,” he said.

“Companies that invest in the right tools to support these changes will see much greater internal and competitive benefits much more quickly.”