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Automation Anywhere brings RPA to the contact center

Automation Anywhere brings RPA to the contact center

Automation Anywhere introduces a solution that brings Robotic Process Automation to the contact center. With Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers, call center staff can more quickly retrieve the information needed to handle customer interactions.

Automating repetitive manual tasks and workflows through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a modern staple of IT. Now, RPA makes its way into the contact center with the introduction of the Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers tool.

According to Automation Anywhere, the time is ripe for contact center staff to benefit from technology’s possibilities. Customer communication is performed through increasingly varying channels, such as social media, telephone, e-mail and chat. Despite the diversification of communication channels, contact centers must remain able in finding necessary customer information and other relevant data, thereby providing the best and fastest service possible. According to Automation Anywhere, that is where RPA shines at its brightest.


The developer states that Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers automatically connects different systems that contain relevant information, including but not limited to CRM systems and sources of customer interaction and payment data. Furthermore, the tool connects authentication systems, letting employees know who is on the other end of the line through an informational overview of said customer.

In practice, the solution should allow employees to better answer customer questions and requests, enabled by AI-based follow-up actions to satisfy customers’ needs. An additional benefit is the reduced need for human intervention when answering and resolving more complex customer questions.

Ultimately, Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers promises to remove many practical hassles that contact center staff face. The tool ensures that customer information is quickly found and available, allowing faster support and reduced queues.

Other integrations

Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers runs on top of the cloud-based Automation 360 RPA platform. The tool features AARI, a smart and easy-to-use no-code interface for automating tasks and interactions for multiple systems. Moreover, several integrations with third-party contact center solutions — such as Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) and Genesys Cloud CX — are readily available.