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SAP and Qualtrics are introducing the Concur Experience Optimize tool, intending to help employees more effectively manage their travel movements and business expenses in the context of hybrid working.

Since 2019, hybrid work has steadily popularized, dropping the time spent commuting worldwide. According to SAP, travelling is now promising to pick up again. One of its recent surveys states that a large majority of employees are eager to get back on the road.

To facilitate the latter, SAP and Qualtrics developed a solution to enable companies to manage business travel more easily. Concur Experience Optimizer has been released and brings so-called ’employee experience management’ to the existing Concur Travel travel solution and Concur Expense expense management tool.

According to its developers, the tool enables companies to develop travel programs, improve expense management and better retain employees. Employees can categorize their expenses and claims into multiple categories to support different work activities, such as working remotely, working at the office or a combination of both.


SAP and Qualtrics emphasize the tools ability to identify the general sentiment of employees and take action with said data. Examples are using analytics to organize spending patterns, discover savings opportunities, and close gaps between various rules and processes. As the software is useable for discovering unauthorized spending, risk management plays a part as well.

In addition, the tool promises to provide greater insight into all travel movements and associated expenses. Sustainability objectives can be input to influence employees’ travel options: setting an objective could result in employees’ short-distance travel options being limited to train trips instead of flights.

Image source: mariakray / Shutterstock.com