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In a bid to personalize experiences, Qualtrics launched Experience ID, a view of what customers and employees share with a company. The company is known for its Experience Management software, with plans to personalize experiences at scale.

Experience ID aggregates views by teams, verticals, segments, and geographies to identify trends and inflection points in the market.

Qualtrics is an amalgamation of tools from Clarabridge and Usermind. Clarabridge concerns itself with conversational analytics while Usermind curates customer journeys. The company said that Experience ID is a single, unified view of customers’ and employees’ beliefs, feelings, and preferences.

Image credit: Qualtrics

What’s special about Experience ID

Some of the highlights of this service include:

  • Experience ID is capable of capturing customer feedback from social media, product reviews, call center transcripts, and surveys, to determine the emotion, intent, and effort of the customers.
  • The Qualtrics XM Directory has more than 4 billion Experience IDs.
  • Experience ID is built to take in both structured and unstructured feedback for maximum impact.
  • Conversational analytics and machine learning collect signals to smoother out kinks, resolve problems and segment the customers.
  • This launch ensures customers from multiple verticals can aggregate feedback.

With these capabilities, it should offer a more superior experience than competing solutions.

The goal

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin said that for decades, organizations have sought to understand their customers and employees. However, the feedback is so vast that technology is needed to not only capture it but lift insights off of it.

Experience ID, Serafin said, offers users a powerful lens they can use to zoom in on any particular area of the business to enable better relationships with customers and employees, at scale.

Through the aggregation and analysis of customers insights from every source, Qualtrics believes the new service will help companies locate new opportunities.