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Identity and access specialist Okta has launched its new Security Center. The feature will give organisations a single view of authentication events, security incidents, and threat response efficacy by leveraging Okta Customer Identity Cloud insights.

Okta touts many features with its new Security Center. Real-time data on an organization’s state of attack protection will make assessing its identity security posture easier. Secondly, the application boasts out-of-the-box threat monitoring. In addition, application-level visibility into authentication traffic further aids security.

Okta claims that most companies find assessing their identity security posture challenging. This often involves parsing through logs, using third-party tools, or building their own, requiring expert-level experience.

Simplifying things

Security Center streamlines the process and provides security and identity professionals with a more straightforward way to detect and respond to identity threats. At the same time, it should provide a more transparent view of authentication events, incidents, and threat response.

The use cases for Okta’s new application don’t stop at helping organizations respond to identity threats faster. Security Center also allows companies to measure the user experience impacts of Attack Protection features. App owners can see the effects of defense tactics on the user experience. Okta claims this occurs in near-real time. On top of this, organizations can adjust security and friction as appropriate to their situation.

Jameeka Aaron, Okta’s Chief Information Security Officer, emphasized that accurate detection alone isn’t enough to ensure that threat response is appropriate to the level of risk an organization faces.

What does Okta propose

Aaron said “As attacks against identity flows get more sophisticated and evolve to bypass detection, security teams often have to go through a learning curve on their own production environments, which can mean delayed detection of attacks and consequent business losses.”

She added, “Security Center leverages our focused expertise in identity security and packages it in a way that security operations professionals can understand and take action.”